Monday, July 16, 2018


I've been debating for a while now if I want to continue to utilize e.Bay or my own e-commerce store (think big..commerce or shop..ify) and I am having the hardest time deciding! I really like the item of having my own store but I know I am going to have to pay for advertising to get people TO my site. Whereas the customer base is built in with e--bay. Siiiigh.... Dilemmas, dilemmas.. 

My husband is wonderful and encourages me to go for the own store but I am frugal and really don't want to spend the money if I can't at least make double that monthly (I SHOULD be able to though) so honestly, I don't know what's stopping me. The boys are older (well toddler-kindergarten age) so I am a little more able to concentrate for blocks of time... 

I think I am going to give myself a few more months to really see how it goes and then I just might do it! I am currently gearing up for the FALL/WINTER which means HOLIDAY ITEMS!!! I have some great costumes for Halloween and some amazing holiday outfits and accessories that I am just chomping at the bit to display. Next month starts the holiday roll out!

Lastly, I am going to start showcasing some items here and I am working on some fun giveaway things to do using my blog. So stay tuned for that!

Until next time!

Friday, July 13, 2018


I am not very good with my weekly blogging so far! :/ I have been crazy busy though and that's a GOOD THING! My eBay sales were sluggish last month, but that is to be expected the "summer slump" is definitely a real thing in retail. Everyone is vacationing and with the kids out of school most people aren't in the "shopping" mode. Also with travel comes expenses, so it's save save save, vs. spend spend spend! 

My new client shipped me THREE huge boxes and I was thrilled with what she sent! TONS of NWT (new with tag) gymboree and some of it was VINTAGE! I have two big sales with her consignment items and did fantastic. She was really pleased with her pay-outs and that makes me feel great! I feel like taking on just a few clients was the right move for me. My MAX that I feel comfortable with is FOUR clients. Right now I have THREE and a pretty much fourth but she is still getting her ducks in a row. Once I sell out of one of my client's items she is done since she gave me everything she had up to her kids current size. That will free up one slot for a new client! 

I am working on organizing my personal items that are for sale or are going to be for sale. With taking on clients, I have to stay on top of the organization aspect so I don't mix anyone's items up! That's really important for me to be professional and keep my client's happy and my customers. I have been working on my LITTLE TYKE'S CLOSET FACEBOOK PAGE  and IG. I hope utilize both of those more this year, as well as working on filling up my POSH CLOSET AND MY MERCARI CLOSET . Mercari is the most recent one so I don't have anything in there aside from one dress. But I will be filling all of my stores up very soon! If you love BOUTIQUE brands such as Persnickety, Matilda Jane, Jelly the Pug, Mudpie and more....


Until next time!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Busy, Busy Closet

I am a terrible blogger! But I'm an awesome reseller! I have so many irons in the fire and I honestly forget about blogging. A quick catch up. I got my Ebay Store up and running! Along with my Mercari, Kidizen and Poshmark! I'm also selling in facebook groups so that will give you an idea of just how much I really have going on!

Because I wasn't busy enough, I have also started selling for other people! It's called a "Trading Assistant" They send me their stuff (or drop it off to me if they're local) and I sell it for them and we do a 50/50 split. Right now I have one client (a HUGE drop off!) and another in the process (a shipper) so that will keep me even more busy! I am going to set reminders to blog at least once a week to update. Even if nobody is reading, it will help me to have this to look back on once I have a huge successful business!

So what's selling, you ask? EVERYTHING! Gymboree is a classic that always sells. The Gymboree family is Janie and Jack and Crazy 8 as well. JJ and Gymbo tend to do better for me than C8. I also am having great results with Boden, Hanna Andersson and Gap. Naartjie! A brand from South Africa. They closed their US stores a couple of years back, but they still operate in S.A. Their items are highly sought after since you can't get them unless you know someone in South Africa OR you travel there. Long way to go for a wardrobe! 

Right now I'm averaging over $1K/mo on ebay in sales and about $2500/mo on other venues. Of course this is BEFORE shipping and fees, so the net is closer to 2300/mo I'd venture to guess. Not bad to get to stay home and wear my PJs to work! 

Well, that's my catch-up post for the week. I will check back in next Monday at the latest, but I definitely want to try and blog more regularly. If y'all are reading and have any questions, don't hesitate to comment and I will do a Q&A post. Oh and hey, check out my goodies here:

Little Tyke's Poshmark Closet

Little Tyke's Closet Ebay Store

Monday, July 24, 2017

So Much Cuteness, So Little Time!

Hey readers!

I've been a busy little bee lately at Little Tyke's Closet!

I am taking advantage of an eBay promotion for three free months of a store!
I'm busy adding items to my store right now so stop by and see what I have available! Right now I'm focusing on adding girls clothing and accessories, but rest assured all the little boy cuteness I have will make it's way there as well!

In other news you may or may not have heard that GYMBOREE IS CLOSING 350 OF THEIR STORES!!!! This is includes their ENTIRE FAMILY OF STORES (JANIE & JACK, CRAZY 8 and GYMBOREE) across the country so if you like their current lines you should stock up as soon as you can! Closings can happen any time with no warning! What does this mean for resale? Well, if this is anything like the Naartjie craze, it means that things will probably jump up in value since the chance of getting it will be slimmer with the closings. So I am very happy that I gambled and stocked up my inventory of vintage and some current lines. I currently have around 20+ BINS FULL OF CLOTHES!

That said, my goal is to make my customers happy so if you love a line and need pieces to it OR recently fell into the gymbo craze, check out my facebook page or shop my store 

Until next time!

Friday, June 23, 2017

What Are You Looking For? Favorite Kid Brands

I really love Gymboree and all of their brands (Crazy8 Janie and Jack) BUT There are so many brands out there that I want to try and have a good mix and variety of brands! What is YOUR favorite brand to dress your kids in?
Come check us out at Little Tyke's Closet and let us know what you are looking for!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Working on BIG THINGS here at Little Tykes Closet Kids Resale! Hoping to share some exciting news VERY SOON! In the meantime check us out over at Little Tykes Closet Kids Resale

Loading some seriously adorable girl stuff today. Boy stuff coming up soon!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shopping Addiction or Sourcing Inventory

I have been a busy little bee adding to my inventory and then prepping the items for sale on my selling page and participating in auctions! In order to have a successful resale business in a small town, I have to focus much of my advertising and "sharing" towards social media and then ship the cuteness all over the world. Thus far, this plan has been very successful... It has taken me many false starts and stops and hiatuses but I am finally in a great groove and I am carrying that momentum forward hopefully to my eventual dream... A brick and mortar store! That dream is a ways down the road as the market isn't great in my area for consignment, it's just too small of a town. 

That brings me to another issue.. Finding great items at a reasonable price to "flip" on my page. So far my go to places haven't steered me wrong but I am hoping the well doesn't dry up or I will have a hard time finding a new source.

Anyway, right now I am on a Vintage Gymboree kick! The quality of the clothing pre 2010 were just exquisite. Recently I was lucky enough to come across an incredible amount of vintage Gymboree that was NEW! I am excited to prep it all and get it posted... Go check out my page and LIKE IT! Oh and tell your friends... Just a few of the adorable pieces I have available