Friday, January 6, 2017



I decided to start an online resale shop to help Moms and Dads find AFFORDABLE and ADORABLE baby and children's clothing and small toys and accessories. Why you ask? The answer is simple. I am always searching for a bargain to dress my sweet baby boys. They came to us through the miracle of gestational surrogacy and that in and of itself is an EXPENSIVE journey! After many tries we finally realized our dream and we were blessed with our little boys in November 2012 and August 2014! Well after all the focus of trying to have a baby, you realize - - - you have to clothe and accessorize now, ACK! 

I searched my area for clothes and some times I would find great things but majority of the time I would strike out OR things would be outrageously priced! I did some searching online and a few of the places I found focused more on "Boutique" or "High End" brands. I LOVE a lot of the high end brands, but I truly believe there is a market for the "everyday" brands as well and that's where I come in! I want to offer a wide variety of the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! 

I have met so many wonderful people on my journey to our miracle and this has allowed me to have access to TONS of great items for boys and girls! I have launched my webstore and have a small selection of clothing up and I am currently working on getting some accessories added as well. You will find loads of vintage and current GYMBOREE, BABY GAP, GAP KIDS, THE CHILDRENS PLACE, CRAZY 8 and so much more!

 I am also going to feature some handmade accessories from some very talented girls! Thank you for stopping by and please come back and visit us soon for updates, sales and sneak peeks of new items! Don't forget to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and follow us on INSTAGRAM


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