Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shopping Addiction or Sourcing Inventory

I have been a busy little bee adding to my inventory and then prepping the items for sale on my selling page and participating in auctions! In order to have a successful resale business in a small town, I have to focus much of my advertising and "sharing" towards social media and then ship the cuteness all over the world. Thus far, this plan has been very successful... It has taken me many false starts and stops and hiatuses but I am finally in a great groove and I am carrying that momentum forward hopefully to my eventual dream... A brick and mortar store! That dream is a ways down the road as the market isn't great in my area for consignment, it's just too small of a town. 

That brings me to another issue.. Finding great items at a reasonable price to "flip" on my page. So far my go to places haven't steered me wrong but I am hoping the well doesn't dry up or I will have a hard time finding a new source.

Anyway, right now I am on a Vintage Gymboree kick! The quality of the clothing pre 2010 were just exquisite. Recently I was lucky enough to come across an incredible amount of vintage Gymboree that was NEW! I am excited to prep it all and get it posted... Go check out my page and LIKE IT! Oh and tell your friends... Just a few of the adorable pieces I have available



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