Monday, July 24, 2017

So Much Cuteness, So Little Time!

Hey readers!

I've been a busy little bee lately at Little Tyke's Closet!

I am taking advantage of an eBay promotion for three free months of a store!
I'm busy adding items to my store right now so stop by and see what I have available! Right now I'm focusing on adding girls clothing and accessories, but rest assured all the little boy cuteness I have will make it's way there as well!

In other news you may or may not have heard that GYMBOREE IS CLOSING 350 OF THEIR STORES!!!! This is includes their ENTIRE FAMILY OF STORES (JANIE & JACK, CRAZY 8 and GYMBOREE) across the country so if you like their current lines you should stock up as soon as you can! Closings can happen any time with no warning! What does this mean for resale? Well, if this is anything like the Naartjie craze, it means that things will probably jump up in value since the chance of getting it will be slimmer with the closings. So I am very happy that I gambled and stocked up my inventory of vintage and some current lines. I currently have around 20+ BINS FULL OF CLOTHES!

That said, my goal is to make my customers happy so if you love a line and need pieces to it OR recently fell into the gymbo craze, check out my facebook page or shop my store 

Until next time!

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